Remedy Church Missoula

New Worship Time :: Sunday Evenings 6PM


Welcome to Remedy Church

Our vision is simple:

"To authentically engage people with the love of Christ."


Remedy Code

Our code serves our vision... it’s like a plaque above the locker room door. It motivates us, keeps us focused and drives us in the same direction. You could say it’s our team chant.


WE ARE EXCITED... about encountering Jesus in an authentic way and impacting our city.


WE ARE EXPECTANT... that God will transform us and our city as we seek Him through honest relationships and lives surrendered to Jesus. As we live connected to each other and Jesus we will find direction, purpose and life.


WE ARE ENGAGING... because God has called us to love people relationally and practically. We are intentional as we reach out to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those around us and invitational as we encourage you to check out our community of faith on Sunday mornings.




Worship Experience

Sunday 6 PM


402 Strand Ave


What to expect......

At all of our worship services you'll experience friendly people, passionate worship and relevant messages from God's Word that apply to your everyday life.

Our worship experience begins at 6 PM on Sunday Evenings.


Remedy Kids

We desire to minister God’s love to children on their level, so we have children’s ministry available for infants through 5th grade. You can check in your kids downstairs starting 15 minutes prior to our worship experience.

Children 6th grade and up are welcome to sit in the main service.




Remedy Church Giving

Giving money to the Lord is not something we are supposed to view as a burdensome obligation. Scripture says it is to be viewed as a spiritual act of worship and that it is to be the joy and responsibility of every believer. This is a radical and counter-cultural point of view. Because while the rest of the world worships money as god, we are to worship God with our money.


The Bible teaches that God has called every believer to give regularly, generously, cheerfully, and in proportion to what they have been given. This sacrificial kind of giving makes sense in light of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. We call our community to give, not by meeting some obligatory percentage, but gladly sacrificing for the sake of the gospel because Jesus sacrificed for us. (2 Corinthians 9:7; Proverbs 3:9). 


At the end of every year detailed financial statements, listing contributions made, are mailed out. When you give online or by smart giving you will also be emailed a receipt immediately. If you don’t come to Remedy Church in person but you listen to messages online or feel called to give above and beyond what you give to your local church we appreciate you partnering together with us! Questions, email us:


Smart Giving

text any amount to 406.203.1403 or simply click the link below to give online