Remedy Groups

June 14th - July 28th

Remedy Groups are our intentional approach to community and discipleship within the church. In fact, we believe that they are so important that we pause pretty much everything else so you can focus on them as you meet in small groups throughout the city or at the church.

This trimester we will be meeting as separate groups. Men with men and the ladies with the ladies. As it turns out, sometimes we need to get with our own gender so we can talk about the down and dirty, those things we don't want others of the opposite gender to hear. It will be a great opportunity to get to know other guys and gals and grow as you build friendships around God's Word and authentic relationships.

*Child care is NOT provided

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Remedy Kids Need You

Remedy kids is looking for awesome people like you!!

If you love kids, are passionate about Jesus and have a willing heart, this rewarding volunteer opportunity is just for you. You need no prior training, just have a heart willing to serve, love on the little people, and be teachable. We have two classrooms. One is for newborns to preschoolers, affectionately known as the LITTLES. The other classroom, known as the BIGS are kindergarten to fifth grade. The LITTLES spend their time playing, laughing, praying, and sharing Jesus through an intentional activity prepared in advance for you. The BIGS class will spend time worshipping, praying, and learning about the remedy for sin we find in Jesus. The lessons are prepared for you with all the supplies you will need. We have openings in both classrooms and looking for a once a month commitment. For further information and application please contact Jazzy at